What are people saying?
“Chris, you saved us again.”
— Matt Fisher, Attorney at Serwin & Haley
“Chris, you have made a real difference and there is no substitute for informed, timely and politically savvy involvement.”
— Nathan Smith, former Portland Mayor
“I really look forward to hearing your testimony, Chris. It’s always well researched, very insightful and helpful to us.”
— William Hall, Portland Planning Board
“Since you left the Legislature, nobody has run a meeting the way you did.”
— Bruce Gerrity, Preti Flaherty Attorney & Lobbyist
“It took us a year to write essentially the same report that you’d already cranked out in only six weeks.”
— Jim Gooch, Charter Commission Member
“We all owe a big thank you to Chris O’Neil who planned the meetings under a tight timeline. He organized the agendas and the experts, wrote the minutes, kept us on schedule, then he wrote this excellent report.”
— Eileen Skinner, Mercy Hospital CEO
“It’s been a long nine month struggle fending off this onerous and costly proposal and Chris has been a valiant champion. Of particular value, Chris provided critical strategic insight into the city council process – foreign territory for most of us.”
— Shelley Doak, Maine Grocers Association Executive Director
“You do amazing work and I’m not sure how you do it. I don’t think we pay you enough!”
— Quincy Hentzel, Chamber of Commerce President
“Avery Day from our firm has been working on this issue for a client. I know Avery has found Chris O’Neil’s advice and guidance to be invaluable.”
— Jim Erwin, Pierce Atwood Attorney
“Without the working knowledge that Chris O’Neil has we would be lost and most ineffective… we surely thank our lucky stars for the knowledge and wisdom of Chris O’Neil.”
— Dick Grotton, President & CEO, Maine Restaurant Association
“Throughout the process, and most recently at the public hearing, we have found a superb advocate and ally in Chris O’Neil. The project looked as though it was destined to be hung up in perpetual debate over minutia, but following Mr. O’Neil’s direct and persuasive remarks to the Board, that issue all but disappeared off the Board’s radar.”
— Patrick Venne, Project Manager for Federated/MidTown
“Chris, this (testimony) is great! Not only ‘Spot On’ but so well stated. You have been very supportive as we move forward with the renovations of the Portland Westin Harborview Hotel. We deeply appreciate your efforts.”
— Bruce Wennerstrom, Regional Vice President, New Castle Hotels
“We like the way you write.”  
                  — Carol Coultas, Editor at MaineBiz
“Another gem from the great Chris O’Neil… it’s a must read.”
— Justin Lamontagne, Commercial Broker, NAI The Dunham Group
“You absolutely nailed it tonight. If the whole state watches that debate, those three casinos are dead.”
— Mark Robinson, Public Relations & Media Consultant
“EXCELLENT op-ed in today’s paper. Right on target and very well-stated.”
— Anne Pringle, former Portland Mayor
“Thanks, Chris. What a satisfying response you just gave me. Again, thanks for the thought you are willing to bring to these distinctions.”
— Andy Graham, Portland Color
“Thank you for your work again this year in organizing the annual legislative reception. Seeing you interact with the legislators, it is obvious that you have their highest respect.”
— Tom Raffio, CEO, Delta Dental Plans of Northern New England
“Thanks for reaching out Chris. Also want to say thanks for the hand-written note at home. That was a nice touch from a classy man.”
— John Coyne, Portland City Councilor
“Well said. I am glad that a voice of reason is present at City Hall.”
— Brent Noyes, Noyes Moving & Storage Company
“Mr. O’Neil is a very well qualified spokesperson, administrator, and advocate for his clients. It has been a pleasure to know Chris as a State Legislator and as a prominent Government Relations professional. With his energy, background, and organizational capabilities, it is not surprising that he has represented his clients well.”
— Joe Pietroski, Assistant Director, Financial Manager, Legislative Director at Maine Association of Retirees
“Chris ‘The Suit’ O’Neil has better political connections than Karl Rove. His ascension in state politics can be attributed to his wit, intelligence and ability to work well with others. He is a snappy dresser with a snappier vernacular. He earned the respect of both Governor Angus King and Governor John Baldacci by being a moderate Democrat who could effectively herd wayward legislators back into the caucus fold. He also became a respected Augusta insider, parlaying the relationships he developed into a successful lobbying practice. He is respected by both Republicans and Democrats for his brutal honesty, keen insight, remarkable sense of humor and his ability to find compromise. You may loathe the back-scratching apparatus of the lobbying industry, but few do it better than Chris O’Neil.”
— Randy Seaver, Communications Director, Barton & Gingold